Thursday, March 22, 2012

Book Love: Saved By Cake

Reading Marian Keyes was my first foray into chick lit. From the very first book I read (Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married) I was completely addicted. Chick lit is awesome. It's frothy and fun and sweet and safe. You know exactly what you're getting. Whenever things in real life are getting me down, or I need a break from the harsh realities of, well, reality, I turn to chick lit. Just a couple of chapters is usually enough to change my mindset from bleak to upbeat.

Over the years, Marian Keyes' particular brand of chick lit went from sweet and safe to a little more dark. She dealt with issues that are normally verboten in chick-lit - addiction, abuse, depression. It was actually refreshing to see an author deal with these things under the guise of 'women's fiction' instead of making it all about shoes and make-up and a hot guy living next door.

And then, nothing. Nada. She didn't release a book for years. At the time, I assumed it was because she was working on something so brilliant she needed extra time. Of course, I now know that to be true but she wasn't working on a novel. She was working on her sanity.

Marian has never disguised the fact that she's suffered from depression. She's honest about how crippling and destructive it can be. And while she was in book-publishing-silence, she was battling for her life against the disease. Really. And this brilliant cookbook is the result. She has described baking as her saving grace. It's what she did to keep herself from thinking about suicide. She baked.

As a result, she's released a gorgeous book filled with yummy recipes and lovely pictures. And, even better than the delectable recipes and scrummy pics is the tone that the book is written in. She explains where she got recipes, how she developed them and why she likes them. It's like having a chat with a good friend.

I love this book.


Jen said...

I've missed your blog - I've been away for so long! But I'm back this week, and yours is at the top of my must-catch-up-on list. I loved Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married, too. I also really like Sushi for Beginners. Can't go past a bit of Chick Lit - I agree :)

SassandSpice said...

I miss your blog too and I hope you are well. x