Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Top Ten Books on My Wishlist

So, since we're moving house in the next month (OMG, trying not to freak out about moving all our stuff), I've been unable to buy books. I guess that money IS better spent on beds, tables and carpets, after all! Here are the books that I'm looking at longingly through the computer screen!

How to Cook - Mrs Beeton

Saving Cee Cee Honeycutt - Beth Hoffman

I Got This - Jennifer Hudson

I love Kawaii - Charuca

I Married You for Happiness - Lily Tuck

Joy The Baker Cookbook - Joy Wilson

CelebraTORI - Tori Spelling

Perfectly Imperfect Home - Deborah Needleman

Papercraft - R. Klanten

Free Falling - Nicola Moriarty


Felicity said...

What a great list. If you enjoy reading, you might like to pop on over to my place on Tuesday where we're joining together for a reading party titled 'Vivre le Livre', love to see you there.

Happy day!

Michelle's Style File said...

I haven't read any of these, thanks for the tips!