Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Things I Know for Sure

Anti-depressants Saved my Life

At times, I can be prone to exaggeration. But not this time. This year, anti-depressants saved my life.

Don't Take it Personally

If someone is a little distant, a little cold, a little insane, don't let it get to you too much. They're probably going through something serious and can't quite get to you. Try to hold out a bit longer and just be there for them, from a distance.

By the Same Token: If Someone Treats You Like Crap; It's Time to Say Buh-Bye

Yay! We're not in high school anymore - bound by routines and proximity! If there's somebody toxic in your life, just let them go. No need for dramatic farewells or explosive recriminations. Just let them go. And, exhale.

Friendship Is the Shizzle

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I have the most awesome friends in the world. From the All-Stars to my gal-pals from high school, to the special peeps I've gathered along the way (former neighbours, primary school chums, university survivors). Hanging out with my peeps keeps me sane, happy. After hanging out with them, I want to read a gazillion books, lose weight, travel the world and be the best me I can be, just so that I can keep up with their awesome brilliance. Love, love, LOVE my friends.

Diets DO Work

Of course they do! If you're going to reduce the amount of food you eat then you will lose weight. And that's the basic premise of most diets, right? What doesn't work is thinking that you can cut out sugar, carbs, fat, diary and fibre and still maintain your sanity. That's why people think diets don't work - because they turn you into a boring yet maniacal freak. I guess it's just about finding a balance between living a normal life and eating the right kind of food (in the right amount) more often than not.

Don't Put Your House on the Market Just Before Christmas

Not only will you get no offers because everyone is getting ready for the holidays, but you will have to keep your house ridiculously clean at all times.

Don't Put Things Off Until Tomorrow

Because the very second that you look at your not-so-tidy kitchen and think "I'll get it done in the morning" is the very second your child will get a case of the midnight vomits. Leaving you with a night without sleep, a visit to the doctor in the morning, load upon load of washing to do and a kitchen that needs tidying.

Never, Ever Leave a Brand-New Tub of Sudocream Where Your Toddler Can Reach It

Because at 10pm one night, that toddler will give it to their younger sibling to play with. And you will come upon this:

Family is Everything

I think this one's pretty obvious. But nothing in this world can bring me to a place of happiness like playing with Mikey and Lucy. Nothing brings me peace like watching them sleep. Spending time with my Mum, my sisters, my Dad and brother makes me feel relaxed and excited at the same time. And my time with Grant is all the more special because it's so rare!

Be Grateful

Because it's pretty hard to feel sorry for yourself and lament all the things you don't have when you're focused on all the wonderful things that you do have.


supermac said...

Indeed. Happy New Year!

Cherie @ 'a baby called Max' said...

Oh this post is BEAUTIFUL!

And really touches at the strings ...

Anti depressants really do work. They really, truly do :)

They can get you out of acute phases of depression, so that you're able to get on with life & the seeking of others ways to cure depression: spending quality time with family, friend's, pursuing hobbies, etc.

So much love your way :)

May 2012 be your best year yet! xx

Vicky said...

Beautiful post Jacki. So positive and inspiring. May 2012 be filled with love, laughs and dreams coming true. X