Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Top Ten Reasons My Heart is Singing Today

Mikey at our newest favourite park

Walking with Mikey and Lucy in the Sunshine at the Park.

It really is true that the simple things in life are the best. We soaked up as much Vitamin D as we could and all that fresh air makes me feel like I could run a marathon.

The Countdown is On to My Birthday!

I'm still young enough to not freak out when my birthdays roll around (besides, birthdays = cake + presents!). I'll freely admit that my 31st year was far from great but I have a feeling my 32nd year is going to rock.

It's That Time of the Month...

When new magazines are released! Yay! I've particularly enjoyed Mindfood and Women's Weekly so far this month. Yes, I'm a Nanna.

My Daisies are Still Going Strong

Grant bought some daisies for Mikey and Lucy to give me on Mother's Day. They're sitting in a vase on my kitchen table, looking all white and fresh. Ahhhhhh.

My Recipe Repetoire is Increasing

I really am on a roll with all the new things I've been making lately. This week I'm not making anything new, I'm just going back and consolidating the best recipes I've made over the past few weeks. My Mum's pumpkin soup is da bomb.

Emails and Texts from Friends

It's amazing how much warmth fills my heart when I see a message from a friend. Even if it's just a quick little catch up, nothing beats connecting with the special people in my life.

Surprising Myself with Restraint

I cannot believe how awesome I've been with not spending money lately. Seriously, I'm like a different person. A sensible, frugal person. If only that didn't make me sound like such a tightass!

Catching Up Last Week with My Mother's Group

It's been awhile since we've all hung out, everyone is so busy now that almost all of us have two kids. But we met up and it rocked. Just like old times.

Watching The Librarians when Grant Works Late

I don't think the show is really his cup of tea, but when he's not home, I bask in it. And Martha Stewart. And Trinny & Susannah. And Oprah. Good thing he works late a lot!

The Gold Lindt Bunny Sitting on my Kitchen Bench

How's that for restraint?! Just knowing it's there if I need it makes me feel better!


Sarah said...

The happiness is radiating off this post like golden rays of vitamin D - sounds like a great week Jacki. I am very impressed that you have easter chocolate still, um, standing. Very impressed.

Cate said...

what a gr8 post! And I'm with Sarah...that bunny would be endangered in my house!!

Cate said...

what a gr8 post! And I'm with Sarah...that bunny would be endangered in my house!!