Thursday, November 4, 2010

Book Review: Romantic Style

I am nothing if not practical.

But underneath all my sensible decisions lies a deep yearning for pretty fripperies. I love pink and frilly things. I love lip gloss and flowers and ballet. I am a girly girl.

My home doesn't really reflect this. I was pregnant when we decorated and I had visions of an over-active toddler in my mind at the time (and I'm so grateful I did!).

From time to time, I like to imagine how I'll decorate once I no longer have to worry about paint-smeared hands wiping the walls and playdough being massaged into the rugs.

When I do, I look at this book. It is divine.

It's everything I'd love my house to be (though Grant may want to build and move into some kind of man-shed).

It's more chic than Shabby Chic while retaining that feminine, lived-in vibe.

Pretty times one million. It's the perfect book to escape to when you just can't bear looking at plastic furniture anymore.

1 comment:

Kelly said...

Sounds like a lovely book filled with eye candy :)